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    Hola, aqui nos podemos congregar todos aquellos que tenemos como lengua materna el Español (o castellano), para exponer nuestras ideas, preguntas, inquietudes y algunas cosas mas…

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    Democracy and Monarchy are the foundations of our virtual society.
    Welcome to all of our party group members and visitors.If someone is interested to join us also as party member please request your free […]

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    Political discussion, foreign policy, political decision-making in Wirtland

    To see this group’s discussions and content at our old network, click Please help by […]

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    Group of supporters – for witizens, who are prepared to contribute their time. If we have a network of associates, we would know, whom to ask for local help. We would also be able to propose and discuss concrete […]

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    Wirtland should issue awards for global excellence, similar to the Nobel prizes.

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    A Group of Witizens who believe a Republic is the best form of Government for Wirtland.

    A Republic will allow for the preservation of individual liberties, and for every Witizen to be represented fair and […]

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    To provide information to the Witizens in order to protect from virtual criminal actions to include but not limited, internet frauds, identity theft, phising, virus and other activities of both the virtual and […]

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    Programmers, web designers, other computer and IT professionals are welcome to join this group and to bring technical progress to Wirtland!

    Wirtland Offers Web Hosting: see here. Comments welcome!

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    Le club pour les Witizens (citoyens de Wirtland) qui parlent français

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    Mic check! In solidarity with #OWS and #Occupy movements around the globe, we also occupy, organize and build a community-based, human-powered movement for the future of Wirtland and the planet Earth. Also check […]

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    Join this group if you have a Skype account, so other members can chat with you!

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    A place for artists and designers

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    This is an initiative to join argentine residents in Wirtland to meet us, interact and promote festival activities related to our latinamerican culture and people in this emerging Internet-based nation.

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    A group that will try to vindicate women in all aspects,but mainly in public posts in Wirtland Councils,think-tanks,etc.PWV will initiate this ”crusade”,with a convocation to the female population of Wirtland, […]

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    The practice of starting new organizations or revitalizing mature ones, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities. ECW will support entrepreneurs of Wirtland, trying to approach […]

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    This is a professional group for doctors. Please sign up if you are a WIMEC doctor, or if you consider joining WIMEC (

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    Архив на стари дискусии:

    Wirtland Toolbar е достъпна на български език! Kликнете плюс за промяна на езика.

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    Club for slovenian speaking witizens.
    Klub za slovensko govoreče državljane Virtlandije.

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    South african citizens of Wirtland

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