Is it possible to buy Wirtland project?

Dear witizens,

We have received the following message – see below. I replied that we need to discuss ths publicly. Please post  your comments. Thank you.

michael posted an update in the group Associates:

Hello, I represent an investment fund. We are interested in web assets. Is it possible to buy Wirtland project? Who should be contacted? Thanks.
PS. This is not a joke.

  • Admin replied:

    Thank you for your interest. I think we should discuss this publicly

Citizenship Application Form In 19 Languages

French and Norwegian became two latest language versions of Citizenship Application Form, bringing the total choice of languages to 19. Many thanks to our witizens, who contributed the translations of the form!

Please Read: Creation of Group

Recently we have seen activity of spammers on this website. They register, and later they create groups with spam advertising content.  The admins had to manually delete each such group, but this does not discourage the spammers from signing in again under different name. To  solve this problem, we decided to restrict the right to create groups.  If anybody wants to create a legitimate group, simply contact  Cris (Admin). Thank you for your understanding.

Notifications Feature Is Now Installed

Previously our network did not have an option to notify subscribers on new new comments and updates. Now we have installed two plugins allowing to subscribe for notifications. See below: Notify me of followup comments via e-mail with checkboxes. Please pay attention to this new option and try how they work. We will either select the better one or keep them both. Thank you!