Show Wirtland Identity With Style: Accessories With Embroidery

An elegant way to demonstrate your Witizen identity is wearing Wirtland’s merchandise. Our shops offer a choice of items for winter season. Quality embroidery adds a touch of style to lady’s bags, polo shirts or winter pullovers. As always, you may customize your item by adding your own text, changing color and style. Check Witizen Gift Company and Wirtland Design. And your new designs and ideas are always welcome!

via The Times of Wirtland: Show Wirtland Identity With Style: Accessories With Embroidery.

Wirtland Announces Partnership with AgilityHoster

Wirtland published official press release about partnership with Germany-based ISP AgilityHoster and the launch of the new version of social network. “Wirtland and AgilityHoster have entered into an alliance that is set to boost “Witizens of Wirtland” (WoW) – the fast-growing social network of Wirtland’s citizens – and to deliver top-level services to its global members… ”  read full text of Press Release here: Wirtland Announces Partnership with AgilityHoster.