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Simple Ways To Help In Development Of Wirtland

Thank you for your interest in promotion of Wirtland. We are not a business project, and we do not use commercial advertising to attract new members. Wirtland is growing naturally, thanks to support of people like you. You may help the project in several simple ways:

1. Invite your friends to join.

For example, you may use this service: Tell a Friend  If you are a Facebook user, you may recommend your friends to become fans of Wirtland.

2. Spread the word about Wirtland.

An excellent way to make more people aware about Wirtland is to write a blog post or a newspaper article. This helps to reach out to new audiences, because you write in your language. No time for writing? Consider re-posting information from our Wikipedia entries (currently Wikipedia covers Wirtland in English, Spanish, Russian, French, Bulgarian, Armenian, Farsi, Esperanto). You may also use material from dozens of articles about Wirtland in many other languages. Most of articles can be found at Press Room. Or simply send a news tip to any journalists or mass media!

3. Insert our banners and links into your internet site, blog, or social network profile page

You are welcome to copy and paste our banners into your blog or website. Some banners can be found in the bottom. You are also welcome to make and submit your own banner design!

4. Donate your professional skills and time

For instance, if you are a journalist, blogger,  web-designer, translator, or you have other professional skills which may help to promote our project, please register in our group “Associates” or simply email at PR (at) Wirtland (dot) com with a brief self-introduction.

5. Donate money, or place your advertisement on our websites

The easiest method of donation is by PayPal. You may use it even if you do not have a PayPal account – simply pay by credit card (works in most countries). Donors and sponsors may join the group “I sponsor Wirtland“. If you want to place your advertisement  in Wirtland, email at PR (at) wirtland (dot) com.

6. Proudly wear Wirtland T-shirt or other official garment!

You may get a T-shirt, a sweater, a mug or other merchandise from our shops: Witizen Gift and Wirtland Style. A percentage from the price you pay goes to our project’s budget.

7. For Business Owners:

Start offering privileges or discounts to citizens of Wirtland today. Join the Card Privilege Programme and put our special welcome stickers at your shop, club, or organization.  Click here for more information for businesses.

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