These Wirtland Applications Are Not Official

We have spotted several applications for Android and other devices, which are based on the content of Wirtland sites. While Wirtland does not object against using our content and images are for non-commercial purposes, the Government of Wirtland states that these applications are not official products, and Wirtland has no connection with creators or sellers of such products.

Update: The creator of this application has responded to this post, so now we are in contact.  Thank you! See comments below.

We are fighting against spammers

Dear new citizens! Our procedure of new member registration is now slighly more complicated. We had to do this to fight against an attack of spammers from China. Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.
Please report if you see spam and inappropriate advertisements on our website!
Thank you.

Support for “Pussy Riot”?

Our witizen Vict wrote:

Friends, As Wirtland showed its support to Julian Assange, I urge Wirtland’s government to do the same thing for members of Russian group ”Pussy Riot”!

We welcome witizens’ opinions about this case.

More information about Pussy Riot: Wikipedia Page

Russian video on Wirtland: Happy Wirtland Day!

This video was posted on Wirtland’s facebook timeline today – on Wirtland Day. Fun stuff. A nice way to celebrate our anniversary.  A very happy Wirtland Day to everybody!

And thanks to Andrey Nifedov for this nice video.